Your neighbor has been detained... The government has seized your bank account...

The market has crashed... A loaf of bread costs $10...

And your town is filled with rioters clashing with police...


Everyone Who Thought "It" Couldn't Happen Here Was


30 Days After "It" Happens, You Will Either Be Very Glad You Read This Message, or You and Everything You Have Will Be In Very Serious Trouble


  • When capital controls come to America, will your money be safely tucked away somewhere else... somewhere like Hong Kong?

  • When hyperinflation comes to the dollar, will your wealth be preserved in the form of gold coins stashed in a safe deposit box in Austria or Switzerland?

  • When your business dries up because economic prospects have completely vanished, will you be ready to shift your operations to Singapore and do business in Asia?

  • When the cost of healthcare goes through the roof, will you know how to get healthcare (at a fraction of the cost) from a country like Thailand?

  • When the chaos comes to your town, will you be safe and protected, or will you be standing in the street... having lost everything?

From: Simon Black
Santiago, Chile

Dear Reader,

At 3:09 PM on Thursday September 8, 2011, a densely populated area of the world suffered an unplanned power outage leaving 5 million people without electricity.

Banks closed early and ATM machines failed...

Schools, businesses and gas stations were shuttered...

Cars jammed the roadways and those with fragile health filled nearby hospitals...

Looting and burglaries were reported and several bodies of water were contaminated with sewage...

In other words, during those 24 hours without electricity, the underpinnings of normal society crumbled and everything descended into relative chaos.

You might expect something like this to happen in many undeveloped places across the world.

But this event didn't occur in an undeveloped area. It happened in the United States. In fact, it happened in San Diego County. An area that, according to Forbes, is home to some of the most expensive zip codes in the entire country.

And if hundreds and hundreds of years of history are any guide, the events in San Diego County are only a very small scale preview of a fast approaching Category 5 Economic Hurricane.

This is the one that cannot and will not be avoided.

Western Civilization's Economic Barometer Is Falling At 0.1 Millibars Per Hour

About 36 hours before a hurricane hits land, warning signs of the approaching storm first become obvious. Barometric pressure begins to fall, the wind picks up slightly and clouds start to form on the horizon.

Despite the severity of the approaching storm, no one is freaking out. In fact, a lot of people probably aren't even paying attention to the subtle warning signs all around them.

About six hours later, the barometric pressure begins to fall at about 0.1 millibars per hour. The sky is overcast, the winds increase in speed and whitecaps start to form on the surface of the ocean.

Even though the full destructive power of the Category 5 storm is only hours away, things are still pretty calm.

For anyone who is paying attention, the condition of the U.S. economy is just about at this point. So are some of the other economies of the old western hierarchy like the UK and even Japan.

Things are dismal, but they haven't yet hit bottom.

The "hurricane" is still far enough out to sea that most people are living their lives as though nothing is about to happen.

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, let's review a quick snapshot of our current situation:

  • The price of food and other basic necessities is ballooning...

  • The official (and highly underreported) numbers show that about 1 in 10 people are out of work...

  • 43 million people receive government assistance for food...

  • And one out of every 45 households received a foreclosure filing in 2010. That's 2.9 million of them.

And that's just the situation in the U.S.

In Europe, things aren't much better. In fact, in some places, they're far worse. Inflation has been climbing ever since mid 2009 and over the last few years, rioters have flooded the streets in Spain, Portugal, Greece and England.

And those are just the extremely obvious signs. Those are the things that anyone can read about in the paper.

The real situation is far more bleak than that. As you begin to lift up the carpet and peek at all of the garbage swept under the rug by decades and decades of dumb decisions...

Well, it quickly becomes obvious that there's a lot more to the story.

For all practical purposes, the U.S. government is flat broke. And were it not for their printing presses operating 24/7 and the (albeit temporary) privilege they enjoy with the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency, things would be much, much worse already.

The big collapse hasn't happened yet, but the signs of economic deterioration are everywhere.

In the past, you could pretty much just put money in the S&P and walk away for five or ten years. Today, the Dow is down 20-35% since 2000 (adjusted for inflation), which is just plain horrible.

For lack of a better description...

The U.S. Economy Is Like That Old Abandoned Home on the Edge of Town That Should Have Been Condemned Years Ago

Nobody really notices a home like that, until the day it collapses under its own weight. One day it's there, the next day it's gone.

Of course no one cares about most old abandoned buildings. Even when they collapse, there's not much outside of the immediate area that is affected.

But the current economic situation we're in is quite a bit different.

And that's because, in today's world, ECONOMICS DRIVE EVERYTHING.

So when the economies of the old western system finally run out of ways to prop themselves up, the collapse will be felt far and wide.

And for those who are unprepared, it will be vicious.

But don't expect anyone from the government to ring the warning bell. Instead, they'll do what they do best to maintain the status quo. What they'll do is...

Deny That It Could Ever Happen Here

And that's exactly what's happening. Denial after denial after denial.

The sad truth is, this is nothing new. This type of "it can't happen here" denial has been happening for hundreds of years.

Ask a Chinese merchant from the 14th century about London becoming the pinnacle of civilization and he would have surely called you crazy. "That could never happen," he probably would have said.

At the time, London was hardly the pinnacle of anything. Dead animals and vegetables were left to rot in the streets. And if that wasn't enough, exposed sewage flowed freely down channels in the middle of those same streets. London was, for lack of a better word, a downright crappy place to be.

Clearly, something shifted. Power shifted from the east to the west. And now, it's shifting back. History proves time and time again that nothing is permanent.

The funny part is, the rest of the world knows what's coming. In fact, I was in Singapore not too long ago when I looked up and saw a billboard that said, "This is Asia's time, this is our time."

They get it.

But the message still hasn't been delivered to the people who need to hear it most.

Right now, much of the raw emotion caused by this economic deterioration is being focused on the political process in the U.S.

And with the help of the mainstream media, the traditional "political blame game" is distracting the vast majority of society. "It's the Democrats' fault..." or "it's the Republican's fault..." That's pretty much all you hear from the talking heads on TV.

All of this political theatre is just masking (for now) the real nature of the situation.

The real story is that the signs of coming economic collapse are everywhere. And because economics is the driving force behind everything in our society, that means a period of enormous turmoil is coming our way.

Even so, people are still rooting and hoping for their political team to "win." "Once that happens," they say, "our newly elected officials will finally bring some sensibility to Washington and get things back on track."

Unfortunately, this will never happen.

And once the election is over (the results of which will anger about 50% of the country), people will quickly realize that nothing is going to change.

Nothing is going to change because there is simply no way to stop the momentum of this oncoming hurricane.

At some point in the not too distant future, everyone will understand that the people running the political system are not the enemy. And they will see that the true enemy is the political system itself.

Almost overnight, their faith in the system will crumble.

And that, dear Reader, for lack of a better phrase is when...

All Hell Is Going to Break Loose

The disappointment, frustration, anger and rage will have nowhere else to go. And so it will spill out onto the streets.

To give you an idea of what that picture looks like, just recall the 100,000 people who camped out in the Wisconsin State Capitol in early 2011 to fight for their collective bargaining rights.

Now duplicate that incident 10, 20 or even 1,000 times across the country. Add riots, clashes with law enforcement and widespread violence and social unrest and we're getting closer to what it could be like. Oh, and don't forget to add in the results of systems disruptions as well. That means things like dry gasoline pumps, empty grocery store shelves, limited access to clean water and no access to cash.

Most unaware people simply don't believe this could happen...

Because right now, most of the country is limping along through life much like they've done for the past decade.

For the most part, people still have jobs...

There's still food on the shelves at the grocery store...

Gas pumps are pumping with no interruptions...

And the banks and ATM machines are readily dispensing cash...

Despite all of the turbulence in the economy and on the news, everything in our systems-based civilization is working just fine.

And that's pretty much how things usually go...

Everything Works Just Fine, Until One Day... It Doesn't

Take Greece as a quick example. Everything was basically OK in late 2009 and early 2010. But then there were talks of austerity, and that's when the protests began.

I was in Greece not long ago and you can't walk more than a few feet without seeing broken car windows and other signs of social unrest.

Argentina in the early 2000s is another good example...

At that time, Argentina was fixing the peso to the dollar. They were interchangeable at 1 to 1.

When it became obvious that this was not sustainable, there was a run on the banks and the government had to intervene by capping bank withdrawals at $250 per week per depositor.

In no time, life descended into chaos. The people took to the streets in the form of riots and violent protests. All of their frustration, anger and rage could no longer be contained. Looting of stores and destruction of businesses was widespread.

If you think all of this sounds over the top and alarmist, then you probably haven't had any personal experience with social unrest.

If you've never seen it for yourself, understand that it is terrifying.

You might laugh at the video to the right, but I assure you, it is no laughing matter.

What you see there is a short clip of an episode of mass hysteria from November 25, 2011.

The only thing is, these Walmart shoppers aren't scrambling for anything serious like food to feed their families. Instead, they are scrambling to take advantage of a sale offering $2 waffle makers.

Just think what this video would be like if that was the last remaining clean water on those shelves. It would be utter chaos.

And what's even worse than how the people will react when these times come, is the way the government will react.

Their reaction to unrest will be with unforgiving and overwhelming force. History shows that when empires collapse, governments are capable of truly heinous acts against their own people.

If you believe it can't happen here, let me ask you.... are you prepared to risk everything you have, including the well being of those you love in support of that belief?

That question brings me to the purpose of my message today...

This Could Be Your Final Wake-Up Call Before the Coming "Day of Reckoning"

People call me Simon Black, although that is not my real name. As you'll soon see, the nature of my work requires certain "precautions" be taken. These precautions help to ensure both my personal safety as well as my continued access to the networks of wealthy and powerful people who deeply value their privacy.

I am what you might call an international entrepreneur, investor and permanent traveler. That means I have no home, and I am free to move about the world at my discretion.

Prior to this, I was a West Point graduate and an Army Intelligence Officer.

I believe that my capability to make money and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle is should not be constrained by my geography.

I am a student of the world, and I believe that travel is the greatest teacher. My knowledge is practical and potentially of significant use to you. In fact, I travel the globe on the lookout for personal and economic opportunities to enrich my life and those of my personal network.

Off the top of my head, I could quote you the price of beachfront property in Croatia, where to bank in Dubai, the best place to store gold in Singapore, which cities in Mexico are the safest, which hospitals in Asia are the most cost effective, and how to find condo foreclosure listings in Panama.

I believe that in order to achieve true freedom, you have to make money independently, control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government that is bent on degrading your personal liberty.

If It Is Not Clear To You By Now, Your Personal Liberty Is Very Much In Jeopardy

Your hard earned wealth is also in jeopardy. As is your livelihood and the very safety of those you love.

Most people simply do not understand the gravity of the current situation and just how little time there is left to escape.

If my message to you so far makes it sound as though we are all destined to "go down with the ship" as the economic collapse accelerates, let me put your mind at ease.

There is a very select group of individuals who are, even as you read this, preparing for the coming "Day of Reckoning" and liberating themselves from the control of any one government.

I will explain to you in just a moment how it is that these individuals have come to possess the knowledge, skill and vast network of powerful connections required to do this. And I will also explain, should you meet certain qualifications, how you can join them in their pursuit.

But first, I want to give you a clearer idea about exactly what this "liberation" entails...

I will use myself and my associates as an example.

By diversifying our assets in multiple nations, we reduce the risk of the U.S. government (or any other) infringing on our freedom and confiscating our wealth.

That's why we bank in Hong Kong and own businesses registered in Singapore.

And that's why our trust accounts are in Cook Islands, our e-mail servers are in Norway, and our credit card orders are processed in Singapore.

Our websites are hosted in Canada, and some domain names are even registered in Switzerland.

The end result is simple:

No Single Government Has Control Over Our Lives

Most people you know will be little more than sitting ducks on the coming "day of reckoning." And make no mistake, it is coming. The economic issues are completely indisputable.

For several years now, the government has had to borrow money simply to pay interest on its current debt.

This is what you call the point of no return. Many countries over the past 800 years have been in this position. And hardly a single one of them has emerged without defaulting and/or experiencing a period of hyperinflation.

When collapse comes, it comes very, very quickly.

Even as late as August 1939, people in Krakow Poland were hanging out by the river, just enjoying the day. Little did they know that just a month or so later, Hitler's invasion would forever change the course of history.

Consider this message today your final invitation to join the ranks of those who are taking action before it's too late.

It's time to protect yourself, starting today. As a first step, I'd like to reveal to you a perfectly legal way to basically...

"Shield" Yourself From the Prying Eyes and Sticky Fingers of Uncle Sam

In the U.S. today, it is virtually impossible to maintain any level of privacy over your financial affairs.

Couple this with the government's growing desire to treat private earnings as little more than "public property," and you end up with what is an unacceptable level of financial risk for any individual who truly values personal liberty.

In a blink, government imposed capital controls can cause severe damage to your assets. One day they hold value, and the next day they become worth a fraction of that original value.

At that point, most people are powerless to stop the destruction. All they can do is sit by and watch their hard earned wealth evaporate at the hands of a desperate government.

For the individual who is prepared, however, such an action can actually create an opportunity for profit.

If you are determined to do everything in your power to protect the wealth you have worked so hard to create, then you will definitely want to reserve your copy of a special report I have in my possession called, "Your Pathway to an Offshore Trust."

While this particular report normally carries a price tag of $295, I am actually not authorized to offer it to you for sale. Instead, I have secured access and license to distribute complimentary copies of this report to qualified individuals.

I will tell you about the required qualifications in just a moment, but before I do, I want to make it clear just how valuable the contents of this report really are.

How to Benefit From a Private Offshore Trust - Without a Lawyer

The benefits of having your own offshore trust are well known as a way to provide strong protection (and privacy) for your financial assets.

Until recently, however, private offshore trusts were reserved for only the wealthiest of individuals. It was a difficult, lengthy and expensive pursuit.

But now, with the help of this special report, creating your own Private Offshore Trust (without the need for an attorney) is possible for virtually anyone with the desire to truly protect what is theirs.

By properly restructuring your assets, you can legally fight back against overreaching government agencies and financial predators interested in "redistributing" your wealth.

In this 104 page report, you'll discover...

  • How to use an offshore trust to create an impenetrable black box that will completely shield your assets from prying eyes and would-be litigants.

  • The #1 recommended nation in which to establish your trust. This information alone is worth a considerable sum and could prevent huge problems down the road. Plus... why U.S. courts are not able to seize assets that are protected in trusts there.

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  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions (and all necessary forms) to establish your Private Offshore Trust from the comfort of your own home or office.

To have a lawyer execute the simple instructions found in this report would cost you thousands of dollars.

If the idea of private offshore trusts sends off warning signs of the many "gray areas" of asset protection and tax planning, let me put your mind at ease:

The strategies you will discover in this report are not exotic and are not controversial in any way.

Provided you carefully follow the included instructions and file the included forms as directed, you too can begin enjoying the legal benefits of having your own offshore trust - including asset protection, tax reduction, and financial privacy.

Everything you need to create your own Private Offshore Trust is included in this special report.

As I said, this report is not for sale here. Instead...

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Earlier in this message, I mentioned a certain select group of individuals who are not willing to have their lives controlled by any one government.

This community of liberty minded individuals are the current Members of Sovereign Man: Confidential.

These people understand that the only way to survive and even thrive the coming collapse of the "old system" is to become self-reliant. That means planting multiple flags, building trusted networks, achieving economic independence, developing valuable skills, and more...

The goal is, very simply, international diversification.

When you expand your universe of options to include the entire world, you minimize your risk and become aware of an almost limitless number of opportunities to prosper in every area of your life.

Each month, Sovereign Man: Confidential Members receive a private report outlining opportunities for international diversification in all corners of the world. This includes some of the most compelling business, property, and investment deals anywhere.

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In addition, Members also receive a steady stream of "here's how you do it" action steps to move forward on their journey towards international diversification.

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And that list is really just the beginning...

The information contained in each issue of Sovereign Man: Confidential is unlike anything available anywhere else for any price.

But don't get the idea that our recommendations will send you off down some "barely legal" dark alley...

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Your Own "Private Intelligence Service" Delivered to You From the Front Lines

"The system" does its level best to make sure that most people never acquire the knowledge and skills required to fully diversify themselves internationally.

My hunch is that you are not "most people." If you were, you would not be reading this.

And soon, you may be able to count yourself among an elite group of freedom seekers who will accept nothing less than full control over their lives, livelihoods and assets.

Here are just a few of the many pages of comments we've received from current Members of the Sovereign Man: Confidential Community. (NOTE: Names have been redacted to ensure the privacy of our Members.)

"SMC [Sovereign Man: Confidential] has been instrumental in defining the challenges and solutions related to expatriation. In some cases there is more to be learned on either or both fronts, but the heightened awareness is invaluable in preparing for that fateful day."


"I have offshore bank accounts now and am perusing the various options for second citizenship. In addition I have greatly increased my gold bullion and am looking to move it out of the country. Your help has made a real difference in my actually getting this done. A sort of one-stop shopping for the aware."


"SMC has been my main source of info on the state of affairs as far as regulations and freedom goes around the world. It has provided me with options and information I'd never have found otherwise. It is the place I go to check all other sources of information against. I can't describe the peace of mind it provides just knowing who I can do business with that I can trust.

Thank you for all that you provide, and I look forward to the coming year. Also, thanks so much for the audio recordings from the Panama Workshop. I'll use that to refresh my memory on things I'm sure I missed or have forgotten. Although I haven't yet taken any major steps toward internationalization, I definitely will be doing that in the next few months. I know that this resource will assist me in that process."


"Thanks 'Simon,' the SMC has been a tremendous aid in focusing on the continuing collapse of liberty and freedom here in the US, and the concomitant need to establish multiple flags. I am well on the way in this regard having obtained a legal residence status and bank account in one country and am working on citizenship in another. Keep up the good work."

You Literally Have a World of Possibilities at Your Fingertips... IF You Know Where to Look

As bleak as things look with the coming economic collapse, I could not be more optimistic about the opportunities that exist even now all across the world.

After all, we're not talking about the end of days here, we're talking about the end of a corrupt, inefficient financial system.

Unfortunately, most people will choose not to take action and will be swept away in the coming chaos. They will be subject to the whims of a desperate government.

For those who see the warning signs and choose to begin their preparations today, however... I believe the future holds many good things.

The difference depends on a single simple decision.

Do nothing or do everything in your power to prepare.

Should you decide to join the Sovereign Man: Confidential Community, here is a simple list of the Member benefits that you will receive:

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The Only Risk You Take Is In Choosing NOT to Become a Member

In the interest of full disclosure, understand that I do not have a magic crystal ball that allows me to see into the future and predict future events.

But for the purposes of today's message, I don't need a crystal ball. No one who is aware and paying attention does.

The end of the old system is quickly approaching. When it arrives, the effects will be devastating to those who have done little or nothing to protect themselves.

It is my goal for you to be able to count yourself as among the truly free "citizens of the world."

And to do that, I invite you to become the newest Member of Sovereign Man: Confidential. The fee for a full year of Membership is only $395.

Your Membership is without risk and is fully refundable. Should you decide that Sovereign Man: Confidential is not for you, simply let us know within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

You may even keep your copy of "Your Pathway to an Offshore Trust" as a "thank you" for your willingness to give SMC a try.

At this point, I have just one question for you. Forgive me in advance for its brash tone. But I have no reservations that the severity of the situation warrants it.

Every person reading this message should be asking themselves this one question:

"Are You Going to Just Sit On Your As* and Be Engulfed By the Coming Chaos, Or Are You Going to Work To Safeguard Your Assets, Your Livelihood and Your Family?"

As you might imagine, there is only one right answer to this question.

Now is your chance to make your decision. The clock is truly ticking. And by the end of this year, it may simply be too late...

I hope to welcome you to our Community very soon...

YES!! I Want to become a member of SovereignMan: Confidential

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Simon Black,

Co-Founder and Editor of

P.S. If you're still on the fence about whether or not current world events pose a serious threat to you and those you love, let me give you one more thing to think about.

At the beginning of this message, I touched on the events that happened during a 24 hour power outage in San Diego County. When the "day of reckoning" is finally upon us, disruptions in systems all across the country will be commonplace.

Can you imagine what would happen in a city like Los Angeles if the power went out for 36 hours? If you understand just how quickly our society can crumble in the face of a true collapse, the scenario I just described is not something you ever want to experience.

As a Member of Sovereign Man: Confidential, there's no reason you need to be in a position like that.

But it's up to you to take action... starting now.

YES!! I Want to become a member of SovereignMan: Confidential

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P.P.S. A wise and very wealthy man once told to me, "That which cannot be sustained will not be sustained." That statement is both very simple and very ominous. The current events throughout the world prove that this is true. Even as you read this, empires are collapsing, piece by piece.

But there is no reason that you cannot prosper, even amidst the collapse. All you need is the knowledge and a practical plan of action to make sure that your future is bright.

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P.P.P.S. If you have never witnessed, first hand, the acts of a desperate government, consider yourself lucky.

When a government is in trouble, they will resort to any and all measures required to protect their power. This includes cannibalizing their own people by stealing from them… shuttering banks, flooding the streets with police, imposing capital controls and worse...

By choosing today as the first day in your journey towards international diversification, you will help ensure that you are not the one left standing in the streets alone, with nothing left when the “Day of Reckoning” finally arrives.

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